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People's Cooperative Community Fund

Here at People's, we've received hundreds of donation requests from worthy organizations.  We also get many inquiries from communities looking for information and loans to start cooperatives. People's supports our community and up-start co-ops by investing in the following:

  • Monthly Donations to Local Community Groups
  • People's Cooperative Community Fund
  • Technical Support and Mentorship for Start-up Cooperatives.

Read on for more information about these programs.

People's Cooperative Community Fund

People's started the People's Cooperative Community Fund (PCCF) in 2007 through the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. People’s and our Member-Owners contribute to the Fund. Twin Pines loans that pool of money to organizations that fund up-start cooperatives. The interest that People's earns through our CCF is donated to local community organizations that do work in line with our values and Ends. Member-Owners nominate organizations and vote to determine which groups receive those funds.

Every year since we opened our Cooperative Community Fund in 2007, Member-Owners have elected local community organizations to reward interest funds to. The following is just a sampling of the organizations that have received checks through our Cooperative Community Fund:

25 co-ops nationwide have invested a total of over $1.5 million in cooperative development through the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation.

Thanks to you, we currently we hold over $22,850 in our Cooperative Community Fund!

The sources of these funds include:

  • $5,000 invested by People's (from our operating budget)
  • A matching grant of $5,000 from Organic Valley Co-op
  • The remainder is from:
    • Our profit: we donate 2% of our net profit to the fund.
    • Our Member-Owners via donation. Thank you!


How To Donate to the People's Cooperative Community Fund

Our Cooperative Community Fund helps out great cooperatives and community organizations.  It needs your help, though!  Here's how you can make a tax-deductable donation to this great cause.

  • Add a donation onto your transaction at the register. Round up your bill to the next dollar.  Every penny helps!
  • Click here to make an online donation (Please note People's CCF on the form.)
  • Have you paid your share investment in full? Donate during our annual Equity Drive in October.
  • Donate all (or part) of your patronage divided any year you get a Patronage voucher. Just check the box labeled "Donate to PCCF", sign it, and turn it in.

    For more information on The Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation and Cooperative Community Funds, visit: 
    Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation & Cooperative Grocer Magazine

    For information on the vision behind Cooperative Community Funds, check out this information on the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy.

    For other questions, please contact


    Technical Support and Mentorship for Start-up Cooperatives

    Our Development Manager is available to provide assistance to communities interested in starting a cooperative by:

    • Providing a list of resources and a guide on how to start a co-op
    • Provide referrals for co-op development consultants

    Please email our Development Manager to inquire:


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