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Love Your Farmer

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Meet the farmers and producers that sell their fresh local produce and hand-crafted goods directly to our store.

The Co-op Provides

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We do what we can to help you afford and have access to our delicious selection of healthy, organic, vegetarian food.

Take Action

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Engage in our efforts to support cooperative economies, sustainable food production, and social justice.



community room & co-op events


Sew it and Sell it Online

Saturday, Jan. 31, 2-5pm

Spend the afternoon getting the first hand scoop about selling your handmade goods online.

Register online - click here.



Starting in January 2015, Member-Owners will receive a 10% discount every quarter, instead of every month.  There will be 10% postcards mailed directly to your home every quarter, (January, April, July, and October).  These postcards will be valid for the entire quarter; be sure to bring them with you to receive your discount in-store.

Why no more monthly 10%? Great question.  The monthly 10% discount was an experiment that the co-op adopted for 2014.  We hoped it would increase sales, but it did not, and cost the co-op over $100,000.  It is not financially sustainble to continue the monthly 10% discount, so we decided to offer a quarterly discount instead.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate how to run our store and serve our Member-Owners in the best way possible.