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People's Farmers' Market

YEAR-ROUND,  every Wednesday 2-7pm

april 23 - earth day!



April hath descended! Veggies have started bursting out of the ground, so get down here and see what over-wintered. Spring is a very busy time for farmers, so give them an extra bit of support when you're visiting. Home gardening season is upon us, so grab some starts and get planting. Supplement last year's preserved-goods with some fresh goodies as we enter the next season. Thanks for sticking with us as we ramp up for summer.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email Ryan Gray, the Farmers' Market Coordinator. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

market events

April 23
Our year-round vendors are still here with some new additions over the next few weeks to keep things interesting. Please ask questions if you've got them!

MC Farms is back this week with strawberries and flowers. Naked Acres will be here with goat soap and veggies.

Debit/Credit and EBT at the Market
Use your debit, credit or EBTcard at the market! No more waiting in line in the co-op for cash! Want to use your card, questions or just curious? Head to the info booth and we’ll tell you all about it.

Help us celebrate our favorite planet: Earth! Stop by the Information Booth for a free plant start and/or to drop off seeds/seedlings for our annual Seed & Plant Swap. Stop by the Kids' Booth to create a DIY Pet Rock! Check out live music from Lew Jones (2-3), the Noble Blues (3-4) and Michael the Blind & Moonshine (5-6).

SNAP Matching Program continues!!!
EBT customers will be given up to $5 in matching tokens every week for use at the Farmers' Market. Funding has been confirmed for 2014. We're working on getting more funds (via donations, grants, etc.) to guarantee that the program will be available in perpetuity.

what's fresh this week

  • lettuces/salad mix
  • eggs
  • braising greens
  • radishes
  • kale
  • mushrooms
  • collards
  • green onions
  • nettles
  • chives
  • potatoes
  • garlic
  • sorrel
  • nettles
  • raabs
  • rhubarb
  • mache
  • plant starts
  • strawberries
  • asparagus
  • flowers
  • green garlic
  • who's here this week

    * indicates Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth or WSDA

  • Crooked Furrow / Harcombe Farms
  • * Farmageddon
  • Flying Onion Farm
  • * Fraga Farms
  • Gee Creek
  • MC Farms
  • * Mushroomery
  • Naked Acres
  • Obrist Family Farm
  • Osmogaia

  • Prepared Foods and Other Services

  • 3 Sisters Nixtamal
  • Ammie's
  • Fressen Artisan Bread
  • Home Grown Food Products
  • Pie to the People
  • Rox Chox
  • Sara's Tamales
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