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People's Produce Farmacy

People's Produce Team on a Farm Tour at Bear Hollow Blueberry Farm

Our produce buyers work extremely hard to offer you the freshest organic produce, year-round. They make an extra effort to source as much as possible directly from growers in our Foodshed. Whether it's a juicy peach in August, a roasted pumpkin in November, or a crisp snap pea in May, you can bet it traveled as little distance as possible to find it's way to your plate.


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Please Note : Clamshell food containers are not recyclable with your household recycling. But you can either return them to People's and we can recycle them, or you can visit the Far west Fibers Recycling Center at, 4629 SE 17th Avenue (503) 238-1640 and bring those plus the many other items they recycle:


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